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Rise & Remind: A Step-by-Step Playlist for Morning Woes by Nicole Shanté White

“I have a complicated relationship with mornings. I appreciate the sense of renewal it brings and I’ve been known to whip up a sexy stack of pancakes. However, my depression consistently makes rising more than a physical task. Thoughts of inadequacy and uselessness tend to leave little room for optimism about the day ahead.”

Mental Illness in The Latinx Community by Mia Rodriguez

Latinx people’s relationship with mental illnesses has always been strained. For the people who live with these (un)diagnosed disorders, their sense of shame, embarrassment, or even denial is further heightened by the culture of intolerance they usually encounter within their respective Latin American culture. Before I begin, I want to address that it’s difficult for me to write about the often dangerous and hurtful stigma toward mental illness within the latinx community knowing that I don’t have any first-hand experience with it: I do not have a medically diagnosed mental illness nor does anyone in my family. Therefore, I question the validity of whether or not to speak out about this issue, then, especially because so much of the dialogue surrounding mental illness and stigma is often written by neurotypical, voyeuristic outsiders like me. Instead, what I hope to write about and bring to light with this essay is the air of demonization and denial toward mental illnesses in general that we are all exposed to as children and throughout our adolescence and adult life …