If you are a creator of colo(u)r and would like to submit your work, please send an email to with the info below and the appropriate files attached.

If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor, please send in samples of your work with “Regular Contributor App” as the subject.

Name: (how you’d like to be credited- if you do not want to be found online please do not use your real name as your work will appear in search engines)





Social Media:

& a bit about you:

We also welcome submissions that are related/inspired by the given theme as well as work that’s completely unrelated so that artists + writers do not feel restricted by the theme.

Should we send in anything with our work?

Do not copy and paste your work into an email and send it to us with no info. This makes the process of sifting through submissions longer for us, as we have to respond to you asking for your information before reading your piece.

If you are sending in writing please send an illustration/photo along with your piece and make sure your work has a title!

If you are sending us art or photos please send us an artist’s statement along with your work!

There is no theme for issue 15 (June/July 2017).

Comment or email us if you have any questions & check out our FAQ page too.


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