Sophia is a co-founder of Sula Collective. She is a bi Chinese girl living in London who uses words and art to help navigate through life. She is continuously learning how to grow, listen, heal, and love. You can often find her trying to read 10 books at the same time, watching too much TV, drinking green tea, and crying over problematic faves. She is also very indecisive and writes a lot of almost-poems.

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K. is a 20 year old mixed QPOC from NYC who co-founded Sula Collective. They are currently a Writing & Literature major trying to balance school, work, and writing. You can usually find them wandering the stacks of the Strand Bookstore or reading in empty subway cars. They like silence, iced coffee, and walking through the streets of Manhattan in the early hours of the morning.

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Oyinda is a very very confused teenage girl, and like most people spends almost every waking moment trying to figure things out. Born in Nigeria but resides in London, she’s trying to become herself without shunning any part of her identity. To Oyinda, the ultimate goal in her life is to be seen as an equal counterpart universally, to be accepted for who she is and all her passions.

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Abondance’s body’s been here about 17 years, but she’s probably been around longer than that. There’s bare melanin in her blood – from Congo, Uganda and Pakistan. She’s a Lunduner and a punk and a black girl who writes to breathe.

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Francine is a mixed 18 year old currently studying Graphic Design & Art in Minneapolis. She’s an avid collage artist and mint tea connoisseur. You can find her reading Joan Didion and keeping tabs on what’s happening in the fashion world.

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Raheela is an Asian, London based writer, whose work offers up an international perspective of her inner and outer surroundings, whilst exploring people, atmospheres and dreams.

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Pinky Ortiz is Queer, Mexican-American photographer (and occasionally videographer), based in Los Angeles; and shooting exclusively on 35mm, Super 8, and 16mm film. Ortiz will be attending UC, Irvine, majoring in Film/Media Studies.

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Angie is a 20 year old japanese american studying and making art in florida. She enjoys surrounding herself with creative people and being inspired by her friends’ art. In her spare time she likes to go camping, dumpster diving, garage-saling and stick n poking her friends. Her art is a way for her to make sense of what goes on in her head and her dreams, so most of the time it’s weird and scattered.



Saffa is a queer visual artist from Pakistan, now based in Manchester, who enjoys primary colours, photobooths, her mother’s biryani, elephant ears plant & making zines. She’s currently studying BA Illustration with Animation at Manchester School of Art & is also a member Clandestine Collective.

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an african violet at ya’ backdoor, she is jasmine simone. jasmine is a contributing writer for SulaCollective and works as a technical writer for Hilton Worldwide Sales. her work is inspired by her experience as a young, black artist from the south. her interests include: women writers/writers of color, any and everything regarding the blues, intersectionality and transgressive art. you can find jasmine’s first published work of poetry, “the beast who treads the earth at night” on amazon.

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Van Hong is an Asian American illustrator and printmaker based in NYC. Some of her pictures are about darkness, like Pretending to Be Pretty, Women Who Are Better Than You, or Being Left Out. Some are about heaviness: fighting your monsters in meditation, connecting your tribe, finding your friends in the dark. She also makes drawings with Wundergol, a gathering of soccer artists.

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Nadia is a QWOC who has just graduated high school and resides in Sydney, Aus. She’s passionate about intersectional feminism, philosophy and photography. You can generally find her at a cafe with good company or a book. She’s still got a lot to figure out and is eager for the next chapter of her life to begin.

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Angel P, b. 1998 Manhattan, New York, is a Nuyorican and Ecuadorian artist trying to weave their way through a white supremacist field. Angel enjoys photography, graphic design, animation, illustration, when the beat drops in Ring The Alarm, and just being latinx. Donations of Inca Kola and SD cards are always welcome.

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Raven is an avid daydreamer, cloud watcher and thrifter. An autiodidatic photographer from Brooklyn, she is influenced by the women in her family. Raven, fills her days with work that feels like play, long photo walks, galleries and a lot of laughs! Hilarious is an understatement.

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Diana’s an 18 year old Nigerian-Irish girl – an all-writing, all-drawing (badly), all-picture taking one.She studies English and Drama and can be found immersed in literally anything by Yann Martel or bell hooks.

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Young, gifted and black. Laura is a lover of the arts and the written word. Born and bred in London. She cares about issues affecting those whose voices too often are suffocated.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Taylor is an American digital doodler and dreamer with a love for stylized portraits and illustration. Born in D.C. but currently hopping all around the U.S. figuring out life.

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Tarek طارق is a French-Moroccan artist. He writes poetry and develops visual content aiming to challenge language, decolonize desire, reflect upon arabness and using pop culture as a revolutionary tool. He also works as a bookseller in the centre of Paris.

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Raz is a gender-neutral mixed race (Polish and Chinese) illustrator from London, UK. Currently dabbling in various other forms of art – costume, photography, fashion – but mainly focusing on digital illustrations, with a bit of a nerdy streak. They’re interested in re-approaching fantasy fiction through a non-white, non-straight, non-cis lens. They’re also interested in making art about identity and their experiences with psychosis, depression, anxiety as well as both gender and racial identity confusion.

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Catherine is an 18 year old kid about to study BA illustration at Leeds College of Art. Her work consists of bright colours, glitter but is also a way to portray POC issues and things that she am passionate about. She is constantly creating and experimenting with her way of working. Enthusiastic about music, the 80’s drake and potatoes.

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Petrose Tesfai is a freelance photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Analog recording technologies, such as photographic film, are his current preoccupation but he often documents or adopts the aesthetics of fellow artists in order to understand the preoccupations of Toronto’s art communities. His contribution to the Sula Collective is due to an ethusiasm for education and a curiousity about cultural diaspora.

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Alexsarah is a multidisciplinary artist, radical educator, diasporan savant ©, debonair pauper quaintrelle ©, and one strange cupcake. A rare, autodidactic specimen often imitated but never replicated, Africanus Fineashellus believes in the mysterious, ubiquitous, and life affirming power of blackness and hails from the deep, magical black south. You can check out his audio zines and podcasts , womanist trilliance and The Prescription (w/ the bestie, Dr. Moya Bailey) on soundcloud, her womanist metalwork and artwork on his etsy, and his experimental cuntry/classical/hip hop on his bandcamp.

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Tracey is an American artist from Raleigh, North Carolina living in the Beltway who has been equally influenced by Waka Flocka and Walden. Boosie and Baldwin. He works to incorporate his many influences into narratives that give a multi-faceted depiction of life in 21st Century America for someone who grew up in a world where taking your shirt off and twisting it around your head (spinning it like a helicopter) was just how you were raised.

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Clara is a 21 year old Haitian-American woman working on a B.S. degree in telecommunication production. She expresses herself in multiple creative means like photography, writing, and  making music. Clara enjoys doing the absolute most- but mostly challenging oppressive structures and reclaiming art and providing narratives for black people and global majority folks.

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Priyanka is a mixed ethnicity QPOC living in the UK. She is an artist and writer, using art to heal and find a home. She is especially interested in decolonizing madness. She finds it hard to describe herself but loves histology slides, idli sambar, and her foster cats who are named after Hogwarts professors. Despite loving her plants, she frequently kills them and their high turnover rate is her biggest secret.

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Manar means lighthouse in Arabic. She was born in 1996 and raised in Saudi Arabia. As a desert girl, WoC, and a fellow millennial, she is still trying to find her way after moving to Canada, where she studies social sciences at UVic. When she’s not stressing out about life, she’s either daydreaming, making a zine, or taking pictures. She yearns for a simple life shared with loved ones and filled with art and contentment.

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Rena is a nineteen year old queer person of colour from Japanese and Nigerian descent. She is an artist from London working with words, sculpture and visual art. She has a distorted cultural identity, loves tuna and listening to ‘In a Sentimental Mood’ by John Coltrane on repeat.

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  1. This is brilliant. I already fill connected with all of you. Thank you for posting wonderful work.


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  5. Monica Prince says

    Good afternoon, everyone. I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone, but haven’t received any responses.

    My pieces “Unsolicited Advice for Black Girls Who Can’t Remember What Their Faces Look Like” and “February 21, 1965,” published on your site back in 2015, are part of my debut book of poetry! I’m very proud to include the poems you first deemed valuable in this collection.

    I’m writing to obtain the rights of my work and determine how you would like your attribution to appear in the rights page. Typically, it looks like this:

    “Unsolicited Advice to Black Girls Who Can’t Remember What Their Faces Look Like” and “February 21, 1965” first appeared in The Sula Collective (November-December 2015).

    Does that work for you? Please let me know if you’d like any other attribution.

    Thank you again for the support you give to writers of color all over the world. When the book is published in October 2019, let me know if you’d like to review it and I’ll send you a copy!


    Monica Prince


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