Do you guys have any restrictions for writing submissions?

  • For poetry please only send a maximum of three (3) poems per submission.
  • We do not have a word limit for writing submissions, but please do not send us poetry longer than 5 pages unless you specifically ask us if it is alright beforehand.
  • Poems, plays, scripts, reviews, personal essays, journal entries, and other forms of writing are accepted.
  • We accept pitches for pieces, but they are not required.
  • Do NOT send us writing in a PDF. Word or Google Doc files only.

When is the deadline for issue __?

Deadlines are different for every issue, but are usually posted on our flier or our facebook page. However, Sula accepts general submissions at all times.

How often do you guys publish?

Our online issues are currently bi-monthly.

What kind of stuff do you want us to submit?

All kinds of stuff! If there is something that you’re not sure of that you’re interested in submitting feel free to shoot us an email and tell us about it.

Does our work have to follow the theme?

No! Themes were created because we had a lot of people felt that they had too much wiggle room and couldn’t come up with a solid idea for them to build off of, so we provide one for you monthly! You are encouraged to submit whatever you like.

Does Sula have an age limit?

Sorta. We accept work from ages 12+.

When will we know when our piece is going to be published?

You will have to check in with the website daily to see when your piece is posted. However, if you really must know for some reason (you want to show your parents, friends, teachers, etc.) you may email us to ask when you’re scheduled and we might respond with your date if we are not too busy! Sometimes things get moved around last minute though, especially if you did not provide an illustration with your piece.

Does for and by PoC mean our work can only be about PoC and the issues we face?

Nope! We are not solely social justice oriented. We are a platform for artists, writers, and thinkers of color to share their work.

What are you guys looking for/anything you need more of?

We need more artwork, photography, and illustrations we can use for writing pieces!  

Should we send in anything with our work?

Please fill out the information below this question and send it in with your work. Do not copy and paste your work into an email and send it to us with no info. This makes the process of sifting through submissions longer for us, as we have to respond to you asking for your information before reading your piece.

If you are sending in writing please send an illustration/photo along with your piece and make sure your work has a title!

If you are sending us art or photos please send us an artist’s statement along with your work!

What sort of information do you need about us?

Name: (how you’d like to be credited) (do not put your real name if you don’t want to be found online please!)





Social Media: (don’t send us this either if you don’t want anyone finding you on other platforms!)

Or you may write yourself a short bio.

I’m interested in becoming part of the staff/regular contributor team? How do I do that?

Send us an email at sulacollective@gmail.com letting us know what you’d like to do (illustrator, writer, regular contributor who uses mixed media, etc.) and send us samples of your work! The subject should read: Regular Contributor App.

I haven’t heard back from you guys yet?

Sula is run by college students so we may take a while to answer your question or to inform you of your submissions status. Please be patient and understanding as we try to respond as fast as we can, but sometimes life just gets in the way!

Am I a Poc?

We can’t really answer that question for you, sorry!

Are bi-racial people PoC?

Yes, absolutely!

I have light-skin/yellow-skin/white-skin, am I a PoC?

Yes! Being a person of color does not refer to the actual color of your skin! It refers to non-white people living in areas that have been colonized/influenced by colonization (England, America, caribbean islands, etc.)

Additionally: Please do not send us zip files or things that must be downloaded in order to be opened! We do not want to risk getting viruses on our computers. Word documents are fine because they can be viewed through google drive as well as some photo files. Remember to send us high definition pictures/artwork so we do not have to email you later on to ask for new files. Google drive is how we view and organize our submissions, so if you could upload your work onto there and send us the links or files to view it, that would be so helpful and very appreciated!

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