July 8th: YTWSS 2017: Motherland at the Knockdown Center


March 5th: NYC Feminist Zine Fest – We will be selling zines and prints!

May 13th: Print Fest: NYC Small Press & Zine Fair

June 4th: 8 Ball Zine Fair


June 24th: Peckham Platform Press House: Zine Fair in London – we will have a table selling zines there, come say hi!

June 24thPura Sabrosura!: La Liga Zine Fundraiser in NYC – we will be tabling + selling zines there!

June 25th: NYC picnic / meet up

July 9th: #BettyZineFest in Newark, NJ – we will be tabling + selling zines!

July 10th: La Isla Bonita in Staten Island, NY – we will be hanging at the zine making table with La Liga Zine!

July 23rd: DC Zine Fest in Washington D.C. – Sula Collective’s Jamie will be heading our table and selling prints!

August 13th: MAMI Market at the Knockdown Center in NYC – we will be tabling and selling zines and other things!!

August 20th: Submerging: A Zine Fair – We will be releasing our newest zine here!! As well as selling our WHM issue and prints!

September 17th: TyPiCAL GiRLs

November 12th: New Latin Wave: La Liga Zine Festival – We will be selling zines and prints!

November 13th: Scamming the Patriarchy: A Youth Summit – We will be selling zines!

November 19th: Femmes to the Front: Zine Social – We will be selling zines and prints!

December 10th: Breathing Out