issue 17: jan 2018, notes
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Issue 17

A message to our readers,

We are an entire month into 2018 and I am just now getting back on my grind. 2017 brought a whole lot of ups and downs and Sula has been on an indefinite hiatus for a little over five months now. My life has changed dramatically since the last online issue we released and I got caught up in the stress of it all, but I’m happy to say we’re finally back.

We’ll be making some minimal, possibly temporary, changes to the way we schedule posts for our online issues. Previously we were posting four times a week, but have decided to bring it down to once per week. Journals will continue to be posted on Sundays, while everything else will be posted Wednesdays. Online issues will be bimonthly. For all who have emailed us but received no response, please feel free to email again to re-submit your work if you are interested. We apologize for the lack of response during these last few months and are instead choosing to start fresh to reduce the amount of stress going through old emails would cause.

In 2018 we will be focusing more on interviews and photo work, as that is where our interests currently are. Written work will be reviewed, but the amount of poetry shared will be significantly reduced for the time being. Instead we want to focus more on researched articles, think pieces, and short stories. We look forward to seeing what you all have to share with us and everything sent will be given equal consideration, we just ask that you please read our FAQ and Submissions page before shooting us an email.

As always, thank you for sticking with us through all of the ups and down running this magazine brings us. Being a part of this community brings Sophia and I more joy than we could ever express.



Words & Image by Kassandra Piñero. You can find them on instagram.

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