issue 17: jan 2018, Photography, Still
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Una Vida Linda by Rolando Palacio

Una vida linda is a view into the beauty of the Latinx community in Southwest Detroit. I first began photographing in this community in 2011 with the necessity of being in an environment that was familiar to me. I gravitated to Detroit because of the alienation I felt in a university while attending a graduate program in Michigan. The personal connections I created with families and individuals made Southwest Detroit a very safe place for me.
As I continued photographing in Detroit the personal connection I made with the area became a closer reflection of my past and a recollection of a world immersed within me. It is a portrayal of youth navigation the complexities of adulthood culture, language, national borders and religion. This project has become the expression of my voice through a lens, photographing contemporary cultural changes throughout our nation.


Rolando Palacio was born in 1983 of Mexican immigrant parents. For most of his life he traveled throughout the U.S. as a farm laborer which directly impacts his art and the way he views the world. As a child his introduction to the arts begin through a summer youth program that provided schooling for migrant youth with the goal of attracting them to education rather than agricultural labor.

In 2010, Palacio received his BFA from Michigan State University.Subsequent to that he attended the Art and Design Masters program at the University of Michigan where he received his MFA. He presently resides in the New Orleans area where he continues to document the Latina/o experience.

You can find more of his work on his website and his instagram.

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