issue 15: junejuly 2017, Photography, Still
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Kalai photography

“Being a South African who is not of African descent comes with a whole host of extra intricacies which makes understanding my identity very difficult. I’m very removed from my Indian ancestry and keeping in touch with that aspect of my culture has now required a considerable effort. My family came from India during the 1850s through indentured labour programmes. I identify more easily with African cultures, the Zulu culture in particular, as I grew up in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal (also affectionately known as Zululand). Now, I have received and am still receiving my education in another Urban city in the political hub of South Africa, the city of Pretoria.”






“This photo series is an introduction to my next project centred around discovering self identity. The portraits explore the theme of  personal disorientation experienced through delving into two different strains of my Indian ancestry and It’s translation into the contemporary South African identity that has its own set of multicultural influences yet is primarily influenced by a hybrid westernized lifestyle. This dualist photo series also serves to capture an expression of gender in that is non-feminized yet still asserts the essence of a modern woman.”




Identity project 1


Kalai is an evolving creator. You can find her on facebook and instagram.

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