issue 13: oct 2016, Poetry
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3 Poems by Joshua Hart

Title Fight- You’re a Liar- Youtube Rip

An inverse kiss

never to live
well and cheaply
or together

Wildcat Flash of 10 Million Workers (Black Liberation French)

My hand ascends into a squeeze

It is reciprocated by a lemon
betwixt the teeth of a student in 1968

and I am happy

Operation Grief has been abandoned!

We’ve stoned our inheritance of carefully minimized distress.

The programmable pins that keep our clothes on the line have disintegrated
And we run, exuberant in our dirty shirts.


Snapchat @ Babylon

Brown Skin
in orange and tapered fit
with the language and syntax
of the sun.

Veins are the cybernetics of Ra
>Digital Trance

blazes all the billboards
W.E.E. Dem Bois 1908 blood
in the wells.

>Where They From
<burned astrological entity

walk up the strings, children
pluck the giant strings
with your calloused, cotton pickin hands


Joshua Hart is a former Londoner living in the USA. You can find their work in Assonance Literary Magazine, Dink Magazine, Love Thy Pigeon, Haggard and Halloo, Voicemail Poems, Sweater Weather, Gutter Eloquence Magazine and more.  They have a chapbook entitled “Tell Me if I’m Alone Here (Electric Broadcasts)” available soon from Dink Press.

Illustration by Angel P.

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