issue 13: oct 2016, Narratives, Sula Journals
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Sula Journals: Kassandra | III

Earlier this year I had attended Teen Dream, a show curated by Brittany Natale and one of the first events I’d went to on my own. It was actually the first thing I ever wrote about for Sula Journals when this column was still new and I had even more fun attending the second time around than the first. I am so much more confident now than when the year began and I’m so proud to see how much I’ve grown alongside Sula.

I attended so many events for us this summer, met talented humans from other online zines, we got featured in Fader, Remezcla, Broken Pencil, and Gal-Dem, I had three of my own photos up in the Teen Dream show, and was interviewed for Grape Magazine– overall it was just such a bizzare year and I wasn’t expecting any of this to happen. I’ve even gotten into photography lately which has taken up most of my time (and money) and am planning some new projects I’ll be working on in 2017 and I’m excited to see where it all takes me.

It was so good to see everyone I met back in April at the first show and even though Mercury Retrograde kicked my fucking ass, 2016 has been a pretty good year if you ignore all the terrible shit that happened.

Teen Dream was without a doubt the best way to kick off autumn even though my heart is still heavy for summer. Below are some pics I took during the opening.


And there you have it! I haven’t done much since but I’ve had Solange’s new album on repeat since it dropped and just ordered my first film camera last night and have gotten started on a personal collaboration with a really dope writer that I’m eager to finish asap. I’m actually busy for once in my life and it’s so refreshing to have a constant work flow.

Hope everyone is adjusting well to the change of seasons ❤

Kassandra (K.) Piñero [they/she] is the co-founder and co-editor of Sula Collective. She loves literature, malta goya, and old new york. You can find her on tumblr and instagram

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