issue 13: oct 2016, Narratives
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Nuttyblock by MSW

Eeem the white people in Harlem have pitbulls: the hood will always be the hood. Several hours later I’m zooted. Nutter’s in town & we eat Mexican food w his pops & get terrible service. I drink two Lagunitas IPAs & am tipsy af. Smoke a spliff w Nutter overlooking Morningside Park. We speak enthusiastically; I’m piped up. The night is super mild & shit as we walk w the joint. I’m high af & keep repeating myself. ‘This some fire,’ Nutter is surprised & says California weed is always sorta diesely in other cities. We’re gonna do a Grime podcast. The D train takes forever, but I notice the steel bolts in the stairs have a face like they can’t share a secret they know because their mouths don’t exist. I swipe a cork board from a church’s curb. I need that shit for notes & shit. Four blue pins one white one red one yellow pin already in it. Mmmmbet. Train’s fast tonight; I listen to Neffy Got Wings. The veins in my feet criss-cross chaotically across themselves like spaghetti over my foot bones. They tint regions of my foot green & it looks populated i.e. full of forest animals & lush vegetation.



“I have been concentrating exclusively on writing these Flash Memoirs lately. They are always under 350 words & are designed to be abstract, rappy (as in rhythmically i.e. like you’re writing raps), honest/insightful, accessible, ambient, but above all I want to give people glimpses in my life. Just glimpses. So many moments go by that are seen as dull or mundane & get glossed over, but it’s these low-radar moments that hold keys to ourselves & recording them is a way to house & contextualize not necessarily the events of a period of time but my emotional capacity, where my head was at. I became obsessed with the idea of memoirs & recording your life & the realization that everything you really do in life is part of your memoir, your personal story, & I have crazy ADD & so much of this the internet age revolves around getting information fast & moving on to the next & newest shit that the length & rhythm of these pieces is relevant storytelling. I want to slow things down in order to stay humble.” -MSW

MSW is a 26 year old writer located in NYC by way of Kansas City, MO. You can find him on twitter and instagram here, here, and here.

Photos by Raven Necole. You can find her on instagram and her website.

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