issue 11: aug 2016
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ghetto war story by Shirley Jones-Luke

Broken glass

bottles flung


strikes the side of a house

vacant lot

trash dump


used and discarded

crack pipes

by the needles


unwanted warriors


selling souls


broken bodies

sidewalk showdowns

high noon in the hood

drag racing

screeching tires

street bravado

false strength

front porch seat

to the avenue’s chaos

Mothers wail into the wind

Prayers up

Some answered – others pending

fall’s grace

quiet winter

renewal spring

bullet summer




Shirley Jones-Luke is a Poet, writer and educator.  Freelance writer. Bookshop browser.  Fashionista.  Lover of literature. You can find her on twitter.

Illustration by Kassandra (K.) Piñero. You can find them on instagram.


  1. Greg says

    After a white cop was shot, Shirley Jones Luke celebrated. She is beyond scum!


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