issue 11: aug 2016
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poem 103 by Nadim El Choufi

I beat my body into yours, tenderly,
to discover constellations of breath
I never knew existed

galaxies that keep me alive when
I bury myself into you

my brown eyes staring into your browner
eyes that feed my smile more than
my cheeks ever could

our tongues connecting rivers
that twirl on land where they
don’t belong
They say we have an accent on our lips
They don’t know its our secret dance
around the white space in between the
letters we speak

(floating on a tide across
borders and oceans
of zaatar and tajin

always returning to our mothertongues
cradling waters home)

to create a language
that is only native to us
our love


Nadim El Choufi grew up between the UAE and Lebanon until the age of sixteen and now he studies in Los Angeles. Much of his writing is rooted in and examines Middle Eastern cultures and identities. He also talks, celebrates and writes about Middle Eastern art with the aim to place it on the forefront of the art scene and educate the world about Middle Eastern culture through our art. You can find him on tumblr and twitter.

Illustration by Angel P.

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