issue 11: aug 2016, notes
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Issue 11: Summer

August is practically half way over and we’ve all got that New Year nostalgia kicking in far too early. After I finish watching this episode of Mr. Robot, I’ll turn on old school nickelodeon cartoons and watch them until 4am like I used to do when I was little. Tonight it’s Rugrats and Hey, Arnold!

I want to write out all of the usual cliches, but I also want to learn how to avoid them. We’re all tired of hearing about “90s babies” and the bullshit that follows, but growing up with three younger brothers and seeing them do nothing but stare at screens day after day makes my yearning for those days even stronger. This summer is probably the best summer I’ve had since I was 12.

Like the old days, I’ve been staying out all night, drinking arizona iced tea, and buying late night snacks from the convenience store. There’s been a lot of Popeyes french fries, emotional talks, and so much love and friendship that has made my heart feel full for the first time in a few years. I feel like summer is one of those universal things everyone can relate to in terms of vibes. Sitting in front of the tv at 3am feels magical. All sunsets are photo worthy. I never want it to end.

Summer for Sula has been even better. We’ve started tabling at events and selling print copies of our zines, meeting other people who run their own zines, and discovering a more physical sense of community. We’ve got some great submissions for this month, a new Zine called Sula Journals dropping in about 2 weeks, and a secret project in store for September so keep your eyes peeled and keep reading.

We hope everyone has a happy & safe summer, and for anyone residing in NYC or London who’s interested in collaborating feel free to drop us a message!


Words by Kassandra (K.) Piñero

Illustration by Pinky Ortiz

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