issue 9: june 2016, Sula Journals
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Sula Journals: Oyinda | II

03 July 2016
When do you reckon we stop growing?

Because atm I’m looking at my hands and they’re so small compared to the people around me, compared to my mother. I wonder if when she was 17, she had small hands like me, or ears.

Ears never stop growing, do they?

Old men on the bus always seem to have large ears protruding out of their heads, drawing attention away from the tufts of grey hairs slicked back.

Will my ears grow large that?

They’re very small atm.


modern love



Oyinda is a very very confused teenage girl, and like most people spends almost every waking moment trying to figure things out. Born in Nigeria but resides in London, she’s trying to become herself without shunning any part of her identity. To Oyinda, the ultimate goal in her life is to be seen as an equal counterpart universally, to be accepted for who she is and all her passions. You can find her oninstagram and tumblr.

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