issue 9: june 2016, Poetry
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Your God Doesn’t Love Me by C.

Your god doesn’t love me
He tells me
Through my blood
My sun covered skin
That my shackled grandmothers
In the crimes done upon their bodies
Manifest his destiny
And that my brothers and I,
Were held in his name
I am told that because I would of like Adam
Been also enchanted by Eve’s harvest
That I am to be sent to the infinite flames of suffering
Out of the name of grace and mercy
have not felt love from this father,
Who looks at dust and ribs
And sees a sinner (?)
I am more than a piece. I am more
I am more than a wife
To gods 1st intention
I am more than polarity,
(Good vs. evil)
I am more than a potential spot in heaven
Only to worship his vanity
With blood soaked wings


C. is a 21 year old Haitian writer. You can find her on tumblr.

Photo by Pinky Ortiz. Find him on instagramtwitter, and his website.

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