Film, issue 9: june 2016, Photography
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ART/NATURE, a photo series + film clip by Raven Necole

Here are some photos I took of my friend Nadine M. while she visited NYC. We spent the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ate some great food and caught some good breezes. Stopped for some really great iced tea and vegan chocolate chip cookies… We mostly talked about our feelings and what inspires us. This particular day I felt inspired by the shadows of trees cast on buildings from the sun shining so bright! How the trees danced in the wind, and the body language of the marble statues in various parts of the museum. We even caught the infamous “standing in the street with cityscape as your backdrop” photo! 





Raven Necole is a a Brooklyn Native. She fell in love with Photography after her Sophomore year in HS and is now studying commercial photography at laguardia community college. She is currently experimenting with film photography and developing her own work. Her goal is to stay connected with community in every way possible. She is a regular contributor for Sula Collective. You can find more of her work on instagram and on her website

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