issue 9: june 2016, Poetry
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Pyramids by Samiha-Alyssa

I have never had a man to tell me I was beautiful

That my body was a temple

And you wanted to explore it from the inside out starting with my mind

So on that day in October

I looked into your eyes to see if you were lying

And I finally saw me how you see me

Like I am a river the Sahara

And you are a lost desert man

And that the only way you could satisfy your thirst was to study me

My mind

How it worked

you wanted to fix me

But little did you know that somethings are unfixable

Meant to be broken

I put up walls that rivaled the pyramids in height

Because the higher the walls the lower the expectations

So nothing really hurts anymore

My pain is muted by the sand storm that blows through my head

My thoughts are jumbled

I cannot see straight

But you still manage to pull me out alive

Even when I didn’t want you to

Every slow caress caused my walls to slowly crumble

But I always managed to put them back up before it all was broken

You got angry with each passing day

My walls not moving

You questioned my love for you and my answer was always the same

Does the sun love the moon?

You took it as a no and you finally left

It was too painful to say that I loved you so wholeheartedly that I let you think

I didn’t

Does the sun love the moon?

The answer is simple

He leaves everyday so the moon could shine even though it comes from him

I tried

I tried to let you shine

to think you fixed me

but it didn’t work

I wanted to destroy my walls

Smash them into a million pieces to build a new one around us

But I guess some things are unfixable

and meant to stay broken

Samiha-Alyssa is a 17 year old West-Indian from Atlanta. You can find them on instagram and tumblr. Photo by Sophia.

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