issue 7: apr 2016, Poetry
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islam by Zaina Alsous

i never learned how to swallow you
he said we would drown in fire
he said we couldn’t make room
a misplaced sorrow
i fled
but every now and then
when I’m lonely
i think about your feet
touching mine
a prayer I keep


زينة الصوص (Zaina Alsous) is located in Durham, North Carolina. Her mother and father were both born and raised as Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Her mother يسرا was born in Saida and her father عماد was born and raised in the Borj El Barajneh refugee camp. Her grandparents were forced to flee Palestine in 1948. “My poetry is inspired by exile, family, Islam and inherited traumas.”

You can find her on tumblr, twitter, and instagram.

Illustration by Tara Raemerd (instagram and tumblr). 

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