issue 7: apr 2016, Poetry
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Kinetic Thoughts by Shirley Jones-Luke

The mind surges with electricity jolted by images.
The surge brings surreal and eclectic images.

Imagination crosses the bridge of vision.
Nothing lies on the other side – vanished images.

Sweep away the debris of the fallen.
Casualties of the unseen images.

Entranced by the promise of purity.
Cheap tricks, hallucinations – oasis images.

Eden is real as seen through a holy lens.
But life is sordid, foul and full of violent images.

Blood spilled without guilt and there is silence.
Who will speak for the wronged? Protest images.

See without eyes at the majority of visages.
The cortex records all of humanity’s images.


Shirley Jones-Luke is a Poet, writer and educator.  Freelance writer. Bookshop browser.  Fashionista.  Lover of literature. You can find her on twitter.

Illustration by Tara Raemerd (instagram and tumblr). 

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