issue 7: apr 2016, Poetry
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Shaadi by Rachana Hegde

It’s always been like this: your hand on the back of my neck / a symphony of gold singeing my skin, marble floor too thin to carry our weight / you are all elegy, skin glistening like slick pavement, and I am still trying to cut you open when / you spit cherry, it’s always been like this: palace too empty, pillars too hollow, walls trying to collapse inward / dirty footprints on a silver platter, you singing bhajans while I learn to play the sitar / it’s always been like this: mango tree bowing at our feet, masala chai sliding down our throat / humidity sinking into the pages of my book, you’re rubbing haldi into my cheeks & it’s our wedding day again – henna stained fingers worrying at my sari, you kissing me at the back of the mandir / it’s always been like this: fear crumbling like soan papdi, superstition tainting our daydreams, nakshatra written on your palm & I keep looking back –



Rachana Hegde is a 16 year-old girl who collects words and other oddities. During the day, she spends copious amounts of time reading on her Kindle but at night, she dreams about characters from abandoned writing projects. Her poetry has been published by Germ Magazine, Scrittura Magazine and Parallel Ink. You can find her on twittertumblr, and her blog.

Illustration by Saffa Khan. You can find more of her work on instagramtwitter, and site and read her latest entry for our new Sula Journals weekly column here.

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