issue 7: apr 2016, Poetry
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Necropolis by Camille Borders

Body, a temple. Before,
A morning. Show her in-
Side out. Make the bone
Rattle. Shake. Frighten
The ground. I didn’t
Say no. I didn’t say
No. Him. Flesh. But
Words empty. Artifact one.
My nana burned. Two. Her scalp
Screamed. She told me. No mercy.
Three. More numbers
In my head. Nina makes
Me cringe. Cower unravel-
Palm. Offering. I have already
Given. Take. Steal
Bargain for soul. Make
Self made actual. Use shovel to
Dig self-numb. We are
Skin dark. Black. Say
Black. Don’t. Empty.
Starless. Left out the
Words. Missing the tired.
Wanting the callous to make
Sense. To be worth
It. Knocking. Waiting to
Be let in.


Camille (Mimi) Borders is a student and poet living in St. Louis, Mo.

Illustration by Raz (twitter).

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