issue 7: apr 2016, Poetry
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NEW MOON by Lucio Delirio

I cry my own rain
wishing to cleanse
my own feet
now raw
shedding dead
callous skin
the thickest under me
I only wear calla lilies
the faint
silk and silver
twilight of your new moon
in which tonight ends
a trail like clementine peels
behind my offering
of an exposed heart
wishing upon you
to forgive myself
to kill the past


Lucio Delirio is currently living in a space shared by their chosen family- a radical place with two other queer and trans people of color plus two beautiful kitties. They’re currently taking time off from school and focusing wholeheartedly on keeping their head above water and recovering from mental illness. They hope to soon go back to school and share their talents with the world. They’ve stayed writing for as long as they can remember. Whether it’s journaling, poetry, or even just free writing. They’ve always got a pen and paper everywhere they go.

Illustration, “Blood and Coffee”, by Tara Raemerd (instagram and tumblr). 

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