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Issue 6: Women’s History Month

As some of you may have realised, our site hasn’t been updated this month as normal and this is why! For issue 6, instead of posting online every day, the female and non-binary creatives of colour in Sula Collective’s staff have come together to create a special edition online zine in celebration of Women’s History Month (March).

The zine features a conversation with Oyinda + her friends on what its like being young WOC navigating through teenagehood, book recommendations from people in the collective, poetry between sisters, portraits of famous WOC throughout history, with many more beautiful writings and art filling the pages of this issue.

– from the team at Sula

Read it below / or here on issuu. Enjoy!


As you will see at the end of the zine, the deadline for submissions for our next issue, Rhythm, has been extended to the 7th of April! We will begin regularly posting again for our next issue will will debut on 4th April.

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