issue 5: feb 2016, Still, Visual art
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Women’s Work by Dana Robinson









The power of fabric in the form of clothing is undeniable. Its ability to shield us as well as give us access into certain settings makes its existence important, attractive, and omnipresent even in the context of nakedness.

Clothing has direct implications of our inner nature. This language of patterns and colors is one way we speak to the world and the vocabulary is infinite. Bring these materials together in this form allows the viewer to discover new ways of conversing with their tactile and emotive properties.


Dana Robinson is a multimedia artist working predominantly with fibers, paint, and ink. Her practice explores antiquity beyond the simplicity of novelty.  She has shown in Gainesville at Display, Factory, Protocol, and The School of Visual Arts. And when she graduated with a BFA from Florida State University, she moved to Baltimore and got more serious about making clothing from recycled vintage fabric and formed Hot Dog Paradise. She has had residencies at School of Visual Arts, and Protocol Gallery and has been featured on many sites such as Robot Wednesdays, and Queen Mob’s Teahouse. She was recently was a part of a women only show series called Sweltering Misery, and is currently preparing for her next show and the Hippodrome Theatre in Gainesville.

You can find her on instagram and view more of her work: here.

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