issue 5: feb 2016, Poetry
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Shrink by Rachana Hegde

Quivering mouth(ful)
barking at the pain
(phone out), film
the dogs, flesh wound stretched
thin / girl spooning moonlight,
teeth trembling pink (girl laughing
terror in the face) –
grey curtains buried at
her feet, life bleeding onto
the stage, (Amma saying
she wants professionalism)
but my fingers ache to undo
the damp costume,
a horde of tourists is hiding in the wings,
‘damage control’ is a call away
but I have to deal with every problem /
“personally” (shrinking under the
weight of their glares)
this is the year I don’t fall asleep
neck deep in failure,
curses stringing me raw.

Rachana Hegde is a 16 year-old girl who collects words and other oddities. During the day, she spends copious amounts of time reading on her Kindle but at night, she dreams about characters from abandoned writing projects. Her poetry has been published by Germ Magazine, Scrittura Magazine and Parallel Ink. You can find her on twitter, tumblr, and her blog.

Illustration by Valentina Frias. You can find them on instagram.


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