Film, issue 5: feb 2016, Moving
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‘Alien’ a short film by Sophia Yuet See & Raheela Suleman

‘Alien’ is a short film created by two of Sula Collective’s artists, Sophia and Raheela, depicting how a woman of colour can be so close to home yet find comforts in extra-terrestrial sorts.

The writer Junot Diaz has talked about the irony of science fiction; how the narratives of Sci-fi “all have their roots in the traumas of colonialism” whilst SF writers maintain a confusing relationship with POC characters and perpetuate this white saviour complex. POC are often attracted to Sci-fi due to it being an alternate world where we are able to briefly escape the pains of our realities. But when writers replicate this rejection of POC in the genre, we are forced to feel alienated again. The title ‘Alien’ is in reference to the various sci-fi imagery used within the film and the feeling of alienation many POC, especially WOC, have experienced by their place in society.

This experimental film was shot completely on an iPhone around London. Poem by Raheela. Co-directed and filmed by Sophia + Raheela. Edited by Sophia with music from Elaine.

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You can find Sophia on instagram.

You can find Raheela on twitter and instagram.

You can find Elaine on instagram.

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