issue 5: feb 2016, Poetry
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black bible and other names for truth by Camille Borders

  1.  black bible wet and ripe
  2.  i could hear the church in his chest
  3.   braiding the hymn into cornrows
  4.  grape juice in the nile
  5.  black joy whispering between fingertips
  6.  sacrifice your only begotten people
  7.  bringing us home to wash in silken coconut oil
  8.  the gospels of flesh fortified
  9.  the skin of judas
  10.  metaphors made sterile
  11.  the skin of jesus
  12.  making body eternal destination
  13.  crafting genesis out of noose & branch



Camille (Mimi) Borders is a student and poet living in St. Louis, Mo.

Illustration by Valentina Frias. You can find them on instagram.

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