issue 5: feb 2016, Poetry
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THE SUMMER I TURNED 13 by Rachana Hegde


summer like apple core crunch, 
an litany of swear words 
in a girl flush-brown thick-screamed;
summer like learning how to speak
to strangers (conversing with the mirror,
door turned window – hi, hello, how are you),
chugging air like syrup, 
a little too bittersweet (for girl 
dreaming: thunderstorm/
crickets chirping/
giant birthday cakes);
summer like unfinished essays, 
letters too sharp (tongue bleeding cement)
girl thinking scared/hair braided/glasses askew;
summer like ignoring the ache,
chocolate melting under her tongue
sheets shucked clean & girl 
never asking what went wrong
(this time)
but she laughed at the boys shivering
under their own weight (a different 
kind of cruelty learned at summer camp) 
biting down on the ice-cream 
melting in their hands;
summer like flightless birds – 
sky turning fresh shades of broken,
girl mouthing bhajans at a bathroom stall;
summer like forgetting how to pray,
summer like singing at her friend,
summer like sore knees & scraped hands &
memories that stung in the daylight.


Rachana Hegde is a 16 year-old girl who collects words and other oddities. During the day, she spends copious amounts of time reading on her Kindle but at night, she dreams about characters from abandoned writing projects. Her poetry has been published by Germ Magazine, Scrittura Magazine and Parallel Ink. You can find her on twitter, tumblr, and her blog.

Illustration by Valentina Frias. You can find them on instagram.

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