issue 5: feb 2016, Photography, Still
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Kevin Bass photography


29 g




“These are some photos that represent “rebirth” to me. The photos were taken on trips I’ve been on over the last 5 months. During this period my depression put me through hell and watching my life slowly fall apart lead me to start believing in myself and my work. I quit a 40+ hour job in order to leave my town and try and make something out of my photography and art. The people in the photos are of people who have been there during this weird life transition. I put a lot of care into each moment I capture through my photos. My work is based off of what is around me in my everyday life. These photos are meant to represent rebirth and the strangeness of transitioning from one period of your life to the next. For anyone who is not willing to conform to what they are told to do with their lives. For the people who follow the path they believe is right.”



Kevin Bass is a 21 year old African-American 35mm photographer and fine artist. He was born and raised in New Jersey, but is currently based in Philadelphia. You can find him on tumblr and instagram.

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