issue 5: feb 2016, Music
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A Collection of Songs Inspired by Natural Landscapes by Tina Harun

One of my favourite things about music is that it is arguably the most accessible thing we have. And in being this way, its diversity and range has no limits. Being trained as a classical pianist, I have always been critical towards music despite my unconditional love for the art form in general. I see things harmonically, melodically, rhythmically, structurally. Although my piano teacher is one of those 80-year-old classicists with no tolerance for ‘modern music’, it has always been important to me to be open-minded and to keep rejuvenating my interests. The artists I listen to range from Trent Reznor, to Tchaikovsky, to the Cheetah Girls, to Radiohead; I could go on. And so when people ask me about ‘which bands I listen to’ or ‘which genres I like’ it is difficult to give them a coherent response. As a musician, I find it almost impossible to articulate the feeling I get whilst playing. This might be because I have subconsciously used music as an outlet for so long that I find it laborious now to express myself with words; or because, the more I think about it, the more bizarre of a concept it seems. It is a state of immersion, almost euphoric. Being able to create something that not only acts as a medium through which some of the most complex emotions can be expressed, but that also (hopefully) connects with and inspires others can feel like a dream sometimes.

The inspiration for this album started with a family holiday to Norway. We were on a boat, slowly cruising through rivers, with lush green mountains on either side of us. I was listening to an album by Youth Lagoon called ‘The Year of Hibernation’, which is now one of my favourite albums of all time. The simplicity and ambience of the music allowed it to melt into my surroundings, and I was immediately inspired. But I was on a boat in the middle of nowhere with no piano and no laptop, so my ideas had to wait.

Fast forward about a year and a half, and there I was frantically trying to complete the last track for a school project entitled ‘A Collection of Songs Inspired by Natural Landscapes’ 3 days past the deadline. Somehow I managed to create 4 songs completely last minute, without even using natural landscapes as inspiration. Not sure how I did it, but looking back I couldn’t be more proud of the final product.



Tina Harun is a 17-year-old Bengali girl living in London, England. She is a musician and a film junkie and you can find her on twitter and soundcloud.

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