issue 4: dec 2015, Poetry
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what is my tradition? by Kierra J. Otis

what is my tradition?

what is the tradition of a
black, white and mexican
queer nonbinary womyn

who was born in salt lake city, utah
who was raised mormon
who lived in the multiracial, multiethnic las vegas for most of her life

whose black family includes my father, one aunt and one uncle
whose mexican family includes my white supremacist quarter-mexican grandfather
who knew & spoke spanish but didn’t teach anyone else
whose whiteness was the most salient identity in her family
while my blackness is my most salient identity

who knew from the young age of 7 that she was attracted to all genders
who loved being feminine and masculine
who was told that womyn were unequal to men in her church
who was told that her queerness was a sin
whose father can’t understand the fluidity of love and attraction

what is my culture
what is my tradition
what is me



Kierra J. Otis is a 20 year old Afro-Latina womyn from Columbia, Missouri. You can find her on tumblr.

Illustration by Van Hong (website). 

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