issue 4: dec 2015, Poetry
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In Retrospect by Naomi Sepiso

In Retrospect

The old year is passing
and like every other
it has brought me many fond memories
and has taught me new lessons.

I thank God that a journey that often felt like a solo mission
in actual fact
was never taken alone.
In finding myself I learnt
that nothing lasts forever,
that laughter will always, always melt my heart,
that every once in awhile
all it takes is singing our favourite songs by the beach
just to feel right again.

And just with any other year lessons have not been in vain
Growth, though often painful
has allowed me to reach new heights,
to know myself better,
and to love deeper than before.

I leave this year with newfound knowledge,
peace, serenity,
and the feeling that nothing,
can ever evade the lessons time has to offer us.



Naomi Sepiso is a 17 y/o Kenyan/Zambian immigrant living in Australia. She mainly reflects on the journeys taken by many POC youth and their predecessors. You can find Naomi on her tumblr and her instagram.

Illustration by Kassandra (K.) Piñero.

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