issue 4: dec 2015, Poetry
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Steady Stumble by René Medrano

Steady Stumble

a steady stumble.
a ready rumble.
failure, the foul.
too crispy to crumble.
flake free as I fly…
buzzin’ buggin’ the bee.
that’s fumble to bumble.
no clash of the light.
try as I might.
caged bird, call it Fright.
wings clipped/ that’s alright.

a steady stumble.
stay tripping to move
cuz skipping’s a groove…
too happy to lose.
stay down but not quiet.
that sound -short of a riot.
profound yet I don’t try it.
stay slipping to prove,
that dippings removed
and steady is ready
for their consumption.

that’s a steady stumble.
never better than before
because then I gave more
and repeating proportions is dangerous.
unless it’s of the less.
that’s to say…
less of the more
less than before
but if less is like the rest of the less
then less be my best
today and forevermore.

that’s a steady stumble.
I’d be wise to be fine.
wise to remind.
wise to not mind.
wise to revise.
hazy horizon.
crazy what lies in
the lies in my eyes and…
better the wavy
for sake of the hazy
than a stillness
deafening in its silence.

-René Medrano



René Medrano is a latinx writer from Washington D.C. You can find them on tumblr and instagram.

Illustration by R Creatives.

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