issue 4: dec 2015, Poetry
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3 poems by René Medrano

You enable bad behavior
for fear of love lost.
Respect —trumped by the fear.
Love —lost in the fear.
You —gone to keep them near.
This hold on the spirit can’t be condemned
because love is human nature,
and safety for the fool is survival.
Love is to be kept and let go
not possessed and taken
but these lines often blur
and love, they say, is blind.
So in the darkness we play.
And how can I judge your taking of love,
if when given the chance,
I steal it right back.
-René Medrano

better as closer to best
not better by virtue of worse
best as besting past bests
better by staying the course
“best like the rest” fetter your better
so the better your better
once shedding this force
-René Medrano

On avoidance, comparison and the whole gamut of potentialities…

maybe today’s not the day.
unlike paper, you don’t fold that way.
like a reed, you bend and sway.
worried me, if I must stay.
for to vanish the better
the chance to find wetter
grasses —be grown.
must go at it alone.
strength in numbers they say,
not the way that I may.
singularly array,
maybe today’s not that day.

-René Medrano



René Medrano is a latinx writer from Washington D.C. You can find them on tumblr and instagram.

Illustration by R Creatives.

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