issue 4: dec 2015, Poetry
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odd customs by jasmine simone

odd customs
by jasmine simone

i was
a hand chiseling home –
brown and carrying on
i am
today with less time
on my hands and

a man once said
all is ephemeral so
tomorrow i’m quicksand

i’m woman of pain &
a dry cloth for little, black
girls with blue pearls

choking the brim of
a make-believe
i wanna be

chalk ‘n hand

i wanna be…
everything but everything
i’ve ever seen: the (holy)day

spirit of spring or maybe
a blend of kermes & jessamy
i wanna be sprawled across

the belly of earth with one
hand open and one eye




Jasmine Simone is a freelance writer, born and raised in dallas, texas. she graduated from the university of north texas with a B.A. in English / creative writing and a certificate in technical writing. some of her topics of interest include: millennials, women authors, the arts/humanities, and psychology. “the beast who treads the earth at night” is her first work of published poetry and is available on amazon. she is currently working on her first short story. You can find her on wordpress and twitter.

Illustration by Van Hong (website).

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