issue 4: dec 2015, Poetry
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The Fighter’s Lover by London Pinkney



The Fighter’s Lover by London Pinkney

Have I ever told you
My lips have gone numb
From all times
I have kissed your wounds ?
Have I ever told you how
Your black eye is the perfect backdrop
For your lashes,
Or how the slit in your lip flushes
The same way your cheeks do?

Joints click as your arms
Move to circle my waist.
You wince — softly
But I hear it.
My fingers slide
Under your shirt
To divots of your broken ribs.
Sweat and dead skin collect
Under my nails.
I call you a pig.
You nod.

I look forward to the day
We can touch and you hiss
Out of pleasure instead of pain.
Until then feel every push of my fingers
Against your bruises
As they turn from blue
To green
To yellow
And finally disappear.

London Pinkney is an 18 year old black girl from California. You can find her on tumblr and instagram.

Illustration by Van Hong (website).


  1. Lauren says

    London, this poem is amazing!! I think you did an amazing job 🙂 I hope you become a famous poet/writer some day because this work is golden. This is a great “you and I” poem. It seems like the abuser speaks in a more romantic way when describing all of the pain he’s inflicted on his girlfriend or wife and actually is really refreshing since it’s told in such a different manner that’s not cliche at all. I really loved this!! 🙂 can’t wait to see more from you


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