issue 3: nov 2015, Poetry
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Historical Context by Leanne Simpson

Historical Context by Leanne Simpson

My obaasan
Taught me to wear my
Education as armour,
The spectre of the camps
Hovering over our kitchen
As she stashed money in
Muffin tins
Instead of banks.

My ojiisan
Taught me how to play
With a toolbox.
Our summers were spent
Building and rebuilding
A dream house once taken –
The word “enemy”
Whispered beneath
Every driven nail.

Ten years later,
His ashes wait patiently
In the television room.
She doesn’t trust
To keep them
Anywhere else.




Leanne Simpson lives in Toronto, Canada. Her writing has been featured in Scarborough Fair, Goose Magazine, The Varsity, Mosaique, Pac’n Heat and The Citron Review. Leanne was selected for the 2013 Canadian women’s dodgeball team and plays competitive tournaments when she’s not busy eavesdropping on people at bars. She is currently working on a nonfiction book in association with the University of Toronto creative writing program while completing her Master’s fellowship in Professional Communication at Ryerson University.

Illustration by Raz (twitter).

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