issue 3: nov 2015, Poetry
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R ’n’ R by Naomi Sepiso

R ’n’ R by Naomi Sepiso


The application of brakes at the end of a long journey



Find yourself in the time allowed

For rest and response.


The removal of oneself from a situation

that called for the outpouring of energy

exerted to keep oneself alive.

A constant fight between your body

and soul.


I say to you now,

find rest

for we do not know the battles of tomorrow.

Rest and welcome peace into the home of your soul.

Rest in the hope that you one day

may see yourself the way I see you,

the way you truly are.

Allow that which does not belong in your heart

to find its way out.



to your needs.

Your soul cries for it has not seen the sun in a while.

Respond to the unwelcome emotions

and feelings

that stormed your vessel

Talk to them.

Tell them that there are not welcome,

they are not for you.


Find love.

Tell her you are sorry

for giving her to everyone but yourself.

Tell her you need her

to breathe life into you again,

To fill your heart.

Feel the warmth of her embrace.



for this fight will be won.


Naomi Sepiso is a 17 y/o Kenyan/Zambian immigrant living in Australia. She mainly reflects on the journeys taken by many POC youth and their predecessors. You can find Naomi on her tumblr and her instagram.

Illustration by R Creatives.

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