issue 3: nov 2015, Poetry
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Fsquared +2 by Naomi Sepiso

Fsquared +2 by Naomi Sepiso

The body prepares us for increased activity
during times of high emotional arousal;
through the sympathetic nervous system
sometimes termed as the ‘fight’, ‘fright’ or ‘flight’ centre.

In a room where the lights seem to flicker on and off
where you cannot tell whether you are hot
or cold
or both
a place in which one finds themselves surrounded
by what they do not know,
do not own.
An absence of feeling,
the loss of a sense of home.
You are forced to make a decision.

Fight for control again.
Fight to feel right again.
Fight your way out of a room that is too small,
that cannot contain all that you are.

I know you are afraid.
Let fear control you.
Let it be the reason you forget who you are.
Let fear distort everything you see,

Fly away
From everything you know.
Everything you think you know.
Search the skies and galaxies for certainty.
Build a home in every tree top that offers you rest.
Find your own light

But, of these three-
Forgive the world.
Forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Naomi Sepiso is a 17 y/o Kenyan/Zambian immigrant living in Australia. She mainly reflects on the journeys taken by many POC youth and their predecessors. You can find Naomi on her tumblr and her instagram.

Illustration by Raz (twitter).

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