issue 3: nov 2015, Poetry
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No Really, What Are You? by Leanne Simpson

No Really, What Are You? by Leanne Simpson

But homegrown,
I stood out:
At hockey games,
At math competitions,
At the bar when asked
Exactly what I was.

Canadian, I said.

Exotic, he said,
Despite his home
Being my home –
It’s the only time
I am ever confused.

It took five generations
Before he found what he was
Searching for. He landed on
The word “immigrate”
With a grin, and informed me
That his favourite restaurant was
Memories of Japan.

My parents own it, I said,
And he believed me.

We should go sometime, he said.
I told him I’d rather eat at home.

But homegrown,
Over my kitchen table
I stand proud:
Eating with chopsticks
In one hand and
A fork in the other,
Feeling full
Just the same.

Leanne Simpson lives in Toronto, Canada. Her writing has been featured in Scarborough Fair, Goose Magazine, The Varsity, Mosaique, Pac’n Heat and The Citron Review. Leanne was selected for the 2013 Canadian women’s dodgeball team and plays competitive tournaments when she’s not busy eavesdropping on people at bars. She is currently working on a nonfiction book in association with the University of Toronto creative writing program while completing her Master’s fellowship in Professional Communication at Ryerson University.

Illustration by Raz (twitter).

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