issue 3: nov 2015, Poetry
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I KNOW I AM FAT by Farah Ghafoor

I KNOW I AM FAT by Farah Ghafoor

karma likes to bite me in the butt

along with my knees and ankles

but I’m sad I’m angry I’m sad I’m angry

(my gag reflex knows so well.)

I know my name

is all the punchlines

but I wonder if they know

how to talk me through

late nights of screaming

and blind me to the whisky

stains on everything.

I eat all the giggles

and they collect in my hands

my cheeks because fat girl

can never stop eating.

(I eat the world and it shows

when the ocean

doesn’t look good on me.

people say that binging on salt

(water) eats away at my brain;

the sugar (cane), my tongue

because I never have any comebacks.)

look away look away

when people see the lunch

leftovers around the toilet seat

and say good riddance

look away look away that’s all

I ever do.

Farah Ghafoor is fifteen years old and likes the way “poet” tastes in her mouth. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada where she enjoys smelling perfume samples and thinks she deserves a cat. Her work is published or forthcoming in The Corner Club Press, TEXTPLOIT, Vine Leaves, Whirlwind, Stinkwaves and elsewhere. Find her on tumblr: here.

Illustration by Van Hong.

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