issue 3: nov 2015, Poetry
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Fangs of Life By Phạm Phú Thanh Hằng

Fangs of Life
By Phạm Phú Thanh Hằng

At dusk,

the fingernail moon scratches into the sky

Smearing its navy blood across my eyes


My hind legs

quiver in suspense of day-breaking tide

fingernail moon reflecting in my eyes.


The scent of maturity stifles twilight air:

Nose perspiring,

Tongue panting,

Hind legs bent,

Here I am, anticipating for the game ahead.


I kneel before a tidal wave of shadows:

Observing patiently

Salivating secretly,

as it floods the clear horizon of lies.

You call me a hunter, but hunters are also haunted by the fangs of life.


fangs of life…


yes the fangs of life,

are holding on

to my pulse-hating flesh,

desperately wanting

to suck on the bones of my deepest desires,

to snap the spine of your greatest threat.


Surviving is learning to let myself go:

Strategically, gracefully,

unyielding to the jaws of fear

that i know,

fear fear itself.


The night unknown to us

is a playing field between predator and prey,

still, on the verge of possibility,


i run fearlessly

shifting freely

digging deeply

learning to love this pulse-hating flesh.


i run fearlessly

Away from the horizon

because i, the hunter,

am free in the enigmatic hours of the night,

free in a world on the urge of possibility.


Held firmly under the two fangs of life,

How do we move through the world when everywhere we look

we are bound by a horizon of lies?

How to survive?


Hunters are haunted by what they are during the day,

But dogs at night kneel down,

Waiting patiently for

tidal waves to snap the spine of the sun.


Here i am,

Fearlessly anticipating

on the urge of possibility,


Kneeling down

For night’s game ahead


intimacy in play.


Thanh Hằng is a queer second-gen vietnamese- mixed race person who spends her time being an #emotionallylooseqtpoc , embracing her #piscespower, and cutting across the binaries in life. She is a zine-maker, writer and radio presenter for Queering the Air on 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne.  Find her/em work at and purchase their zine: here.

Photo by Lee Hannah and edited by Phạm Phú Thanh Hằng.

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