issue 2: oct 2015, Poetry
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Home by Hessa Albanafsaj

by Hessa Albanafsaj

We try to bend our spirit to accept what it can’t comprehend
You see, we are not made of materials
This sack of flesh and blood always seek another
And this breath of life we call “soul” seeks its mate
But for some reason humans act like crows
Chasing anything that shines and everything that seduces them
We try to hoard this skin with jewelry and fake luxury
Diamonds were never our best friends
We chase dreams that mimic others and don’t reflect what we really want
We became carbon copies of broken hopes
Our Polaroid aren’t myriad of colors they are just grey
We are blinded to the new forms of slavery we practice everyday
You see, what we truly seek is a HOME
Home means different things to each of us
For some it’s that roof on their heads
For others it’s a person, a mother, a sister, perhaps a friend, maybe a lover
Anyone can be your soul mate, your souls chooses that, not you
All you need is to let your soul find its home
And let your body find that person who was made from the same piece of mud you were made of

Hessa Al Banafsaj is a 27 year old UAE national currently living in Dubai. You can find her on instagram and twitter.

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