issue 2: oct 2015, Poetry
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An Angel’s Descent by Deyquan Bellamy

An Angel’s Descent

by Deyquan Bellamy

When I stare into your eyes time is at a standstill, the world revolves around you, and the radiance from your body makes the sun feel like it’s emitting cold air

Your voice is enough to soothe a force that makes kinetic bombardment look like slap on the wrist, listening to the lovely tones you make is better than any instrument

Holding you makes me feel like I am a driver that revs the engine at the start of a race, adrenaline pumps through my body, speeding the beating of my heart

The longer I hold onto you the more serene my nerves become, the calm that comes over me is comparable to that of a NASCAR driver, going over 190 mph; focused and tuned to your body

The way you have a myopic mind like mine wander with vivid dreams shows that the imprint you leave is not only physical

You are a masterpiece, the zest among dulls, a princess I want to turn into my queen, an angel that had come into my life..

Deyquan Bellamy is a 19 year old African-American writer from Brooklyn, New York. You can find him on instagram. Illustration by R Creatives.

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