issue 2: oct 2015, Poetry
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The Moth or The News by Iris Afantchao

The Moth or The News by Iris Afantchao

The rain came pouring down last week
Constant summer showers
We knew the gutters were full but we left the waterfall to descend upon our windowsill
To create an ocean at the bottom of the insect screen
I watch a moth struggle to survive, wading with wet wings
And I remember that I had an assignment once.
“Read Death of a Moth. Then read Death of THE Moth. Analyze.”
I read them over until their demise felt dull.
It’s hard to feel when you hear of the same death to the same subject as the narrators look on, is it not?
So I close the window it desired to break away from and look away.
I can’t tell myself it’s not the same.

Iris Afantchao is a 17 year old first generation Togolese American girl who lives in Connecticut. She describes herself as “your BTF (best tall friend)” on her tumblr, which you can find here. Illustration by R Creatives.

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