issue 2: oct 2015, Visual art
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Francine Thompson collages

Why She Does It:

“I began collaging about two months ago somewhat on accident. I quickly decided that my focus would be inspiring and empowering young black people. I usually center my collage around a person of color (model, actress, etc) I see in a magazine, then I pick a color palette or focus, then find things in magazines that fit the vibe I’m going for. I continuously try to include aspects of fashion and design in my collages, along with text written on top that reinforces my message.”

Francine is a mixed 18 year old currently studying Graphic Design & Art in Minneapolis. You can find her on twitter and instagram.

1 Comment

  1. Tahbisa Deng says

    i love this, the colours are simple and i love how it focuses on black people. really inspiring.


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