issue 1: sept 2015, Poetry
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Engaging in Spacial Matters of the Hex by Nina Storey

Engaging in Spacial Matters of the Hex by Nina Storey

sipping by a fountain, I see my fate
reflected like the swan’s neck slowly in the lake
grace like glass, so fragile and serene
a puzzle piece to memorize the state of my being
I thought I could be a doctor, I thought I could be an astronaut
sipping tea gracefully by the fountain
waiting for the key of life to fall into my lap, undoing fate’s finiteness, now unlocked
I see the gears and the gadgets and now I hold the key
peeking at the hint of every parallel mystery
all desires now aligned to fit the bill of society
tragic and slowly, they all begin to fade at the break of day
a new day which dawns slowly over the horizon
blurring the lines of every crooked past,
bleeding in the sins of humanity and existence again, even those of mine
with the new oldness of the time
continuum continuing to continue this continuum,
depraving old life of new life and ungrateful life from living life
nature’s way of levelling the playing field, slowly but surely and with all deliberate speed
…and then, green leaves sway along the loftiness of the breeze
settle into the earth again, always turning and revolving around this false, static truth
hurtling our falsehoods into the everchanging chasms of this earth

Based in Nashville, Nina Storey seeks to carve out a niche through visual art, music, and random bits of poetry as they seek to find themself in the world. Using these various mediums of creativity, they aim to connect with those who share the experiences of blackness, mental illness, queerness, and those who feel alienated by various social constructs present within their given society. You can find them on tumblr and soundcloud. Illustration by Sophia.

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