issue 1: sept 2015, Poetry
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ACHIOTL by Nancy Valladares

ACHIOTL by Nancy Valladares

Ask me to show you the hands
That taught me
How to purify

How to remember their names.
The names that my mothers
Were forced to forget

Ask me about the tongue
That taught me to recover
The words

To dig deep into the soil
And bury my nails
In the roots
Of language

Ask me about the nose
That taught me to recognize
The smell of home

The fragrance of petrichor, and soot, and ginger blossoms.

Ask me about the eyes
That taught me
To weave Music

Songs that taste like dark coffee, sugarcane and nixtamal.

ACHIOTL is the third in a series composed of five poems. One will be posted each week of September. You can find the first poem: here.

Nancy Valladares is Honduran by birth, of Mixed ethnicity, and an immigrant– she is unapologetically brown. She lives and studies in Chicago, working to get her BFA at SAIC. You can find her on tumblr and instagram. Illustration by Bich.

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