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Rathai Manivannan photography: Untitled Series (Sita)

“This series is my interpretation of the Ramayana, however it focuses on Sita’s half of the story. Inspired from when working on a feminist interpretation of the story in play form, I wanted to give light to the plight she undergoes throughout. I feel that her character is only considered important in relation to Rama, but her own life is an epic in its own right. My goal was to draw attention to her life, to show how she has been read as Rama’s wife; Janaka’s daughter; Lakshmana’s respected sister-in-law; Ravana’s victim; or Lav and Kush’s mother. I decided to use close up, dramatically lit images of gesture to capture this emotion. I was also inspired by the narrative composition of religious imagery and wanted to incorporate that into this series.”









Rathai Manivannan is a photography student based in Sydney who is of Sri Lankan Tamil descent. You can find more of her work on her tumblr.

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